A wall painting in Pakistan. Benazir Bhutto leads the people. I took this one in the mid 1990s when I was doing research on the Kashmir conflict.

© 1995 Sten Widmalm

Parts of my analysis of what happened in Jammu and ashmir in the 1980s was recently re-published by Kashmir Life!

My analysis of the Swedish election - interview for ABC Australia, September 10, 2018. 

Also, but in Swedish, you can listen to my thoughts about he political situation in Sweden after the vote count has been completed, here in "Feeden", P3, Swedish Radio (November 14, 2018).

Lecture by Sten Widmalm on September 8, 2018 (in Swedish):

Title: Därför demokrati (Therefore democracy)
Kulturnatten i Uppsala
Where: Fyriskällan, S:t Olofsgatan 15, Uppsala

On March 26, I, and Mohammad Fazlhashemi, made presentations at this event, arranged by The Swedish Research Council and The Institute for Future Studies. Among many things, we talked about political tolerance and the limits of tolerance in a democracy (in Swedish however).

About  the current global democratic crisis and why social scientist are not completely up to date with how serious the situation is (in Swedish).
In Dagens Nyheter, 14 January 2018.

This is a text i wrote for The Wire about why a uniform civil code may not be the right move for India - if it is promoted by the BJP.


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"Issues of freedom of speech, state surveillance and social tolerance have become increasingly vexed in both developed democracies and the global south. This work is therefore a timely contribution. The extensive survey material drawn from India, Pakistan and Uganda challenges a number of accepted insights into the conditions which encourage political tolerance." Ian Talbot, University of Southampton, UK

"In Political Tolerance in the Global South: Images of India, Pakistan and Uganda, Sten Widmalm has provided much-needed and rarely available data on how people view the political “other”.’ – Omair Ahmad, The Wire

READ REVIEW IN "The Wire"!!!

"Given the scope of the book, Widmalm has done a brilliant job in summarizing the overall results in a concise and uncomplicated way … The book demonstrates the necessity of expanding studies in political tolerance beyond the West." – Carolin Rapp



This web page belongs to Sten Widmalm, Professor in political science at the Department of Government, Uppsala University in Sweden.

I teach Comparative politics, Democratic development, Public administration, and Crisis management, and I am also the Chairman of the board for the bimonthly magazine Respons.

My research areas are: Political tolerance, democratic development, conflict studies, crisis management, decentralization, and corruption. I do my research on such topics in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Uganda, and Europe.

I am the author of Political Tolerance in the Global South – Images from India, Pakistan and Uganda (in press, spring 2016, London: Ashgate); Decentralisation, Corruption and Social Capital - from India to the West (Los Angeles, London, New Delhi, Singapore.: SAGE Publications, 2008); Kashmir in Comparative Perspective - Democracy and Violent Separatism in India. (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2006).

This site is a place where you can read about my publications and follow the research projects that I am involved in.

At this place you will also see some of my photographs.

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* New Book Out Now! Political Tolerance in The Global South - Images from India, Pakistan and Uganda. Publisher: Routledge.

* Essay in The Wire on why a uniform civil code may be the wrong way to go for India - if it is BJP that promotes it.

* My comments on the situation for minorities in Pakistan in particular, and South Asia in general in Aktuellt, 28 September 2016 (33 minutes in to the program).